Cx File Explorer FAQ

What is Cx File Explorer?

Cx File Explorer is the best file viewer and manager for Android smartphones and tablets. It’s free of cost and you can download apk here.

How do I download Cx File Explorer mod apk?

We recommend downloading the official and latest version of the application. However, if you cannot live without dark theme, go to the Version History page and download the version that has it.

How do I switch to black theme?

There is no official black theme available at the moment. You can only download the modded apk to have this mode enabled. The link is shared above.

Does Cx File Explorer pro apk exist?

No, it doesn’t exist. If you have found an apk that has “Pro” in its name it probably contains viruses. We recommend downloading the official file explorer apk file from our website.

I have issues installing the app, can you help me?

Read this detailed installation process.

How to Use Cx File Explorer?

Check this guide.

How do I get it on my Oculus VR headset?

We’ve got covered you here.

Cx File Explorer belongs to which country? Is it Chinese app?

There is no available information on its country of origin. The app was developed in July 2018 and up to date it has more than 10 million installs all over the world. The developer of this app is Cx File Explorer – we don’t know who is hiding behind this name and who is the maker and owner of this app. Whether it’s he or she or a bunch of people – it all remains a mystery to this day.

What about my privacy?

The application follows all necessary guidelines when it comes to privacy.

What permissions do I have give to Cx File Explorer?

The app only requires you to grant it permission to access photos, media, and files on your smartphone or tablet. It doesn’t have access to other apps, contacts, etc.

What file system Cx File Explorer supports?

The app supports exFAT and NTFS.

Can Cx File Explorer show the content of my SD card?

Yes, it can! It also can transfer (copy or move) files from your SD card to the integrated memory.

Can I download Cx File Explorer for MacOS?

Currently, the app doesn’t support Apple computers that use MacOS.

Is Cx File Explorer present on Github?

No, the app isn’t available on Github. If you find one – it is an unofficial release.

Can I jailbreak Cx File Explorer apk?

No, you can’t.

Does Cx File Explorer contain malware?

No! The app is free of any kind of malware or spyware.

Is it open source?

No, it is not an open source app.

Do I have to register, set up my username or password to use Cx File Explorer?

No! You don’t have to register or set up your username and password to use the file manager. You need to have a password only if you transfer your files via FTP from your computer to the device or vice versa.

Where can I access the source code?

Source code isn’t available for this app.

Does it work on Android 11?

Yes, it works on Android 11.

Is Cx File Explorer available for Chromecast?

No, you can’t stream Chromecast with the app.

Is Cx File Explorer available for Firestick?

Not at the moment.

Is Nextcloud supported?

Not at the moment.