How to get Cx File Explorer on Oculus (Meta) Quest 2

This is a simple guide to help you download and install Cx File Explorer on Oculus (Meta) Quest 2.

  1. First, go to to get the latest version of the SideQuest VR app. Download and install it. It works on Windows, MacOS, Linux, and Android.
  2. After the installation you have to create an account on this page. You can either register with your e-mail or use your Discord, Github or Google account.

Now let’s get Cx File Explorer on your Oculus VR. Download the apk file from our site and save it somewhere on your computer. You don’t have to install it yet – first we have to connect the Quest 2 to your PC.

Open SideQuest on your PC. At the top left corner you will see the message Not Detected:

Cx File Explorer oculus quest 2

You have to connect your Oculus VR headset to the PC. Use the USB-C cable that came with the headset to connect Oculus Quest 2 to your PC. If your computer doesn’t have USB-C input, find a regular USB-C to USB cable and use it to connect the headset to your computer.

Important: after connecting the Oculus Quest to your PC click Allow from the headset. This will allow SideQuest to recognize your VR headset:

Cx File Explorer oculus quest 2 connected

Now you can take it off and go to the PC again. At the top right corner click on Install Apk file folder from your computer button:

Cx File Explorer oculus quest 2 install apk

In the following window, you have to select the Cx File Explorer apk file you have downloaded previously, click Open and wait until the app is installed on your headset.

Before you disconnect the Meta Quest from SideQuest make sure you have no running tasks:

Cx File Explorer oculus quest vr

Now you have Cx File Explorer installed on your VR headset. Now you can open and use it on your Oculus Quest 2.

What to do if you don’t have a working PC? It’s not a problem, since SideQuest works on Android too. Download it on your smartphone or tablet and follow the instructions provided above. You will also have to connect your VR headset to an Android device and install Cx File Explorer apk with a help of this app.

Link to download Cx File Explorer.